Tuesday, April 1, 2008

here we go

I have the blog begun as big blogging babes

I am working on the set up etc, but I need the you email addresses that you use to log in to add you as authors.

so please send them my way either here as a comment or at my email address

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A proposal... if you may.

I have been thinking about something my dear blogging friends. I have all but abandoned this blog, but I have reason to think it will be revived! In my mind, I have a specific audience in mind and the first three names that pop in my head are ....

Julie, Heidi, and Ann Marie!

You know of my extreme struggles with weight. I know each one of you have your own story too. I know that each one of you want to do something about it, but struggle just as I. I need accountability in a major way, and for a long long time weight watchers did that adequately for me. I no longer find that to be enough. I need more. (I have been saying that a lot lately!)

Here is my idea....

Clean up this blog (or if you truly want to start a new one we can) and close it to authors as readers. Complete confidentiality would be a must. NO exceptions.

We could allow more than the four of us, but I think membership would have to be considered by all current members and not allowed to become too big. (maybe ten - I say this like i think someone may just want to be here without being forced)

Everyone must come clean about their weight. Where they've come from and where they are headed. I think that true honesty about our NUMBER helps us become more than that number. I would actually be honest and admit that I think I have put on almost ten pounds from the lowest I have gotten. UGH. No wonder my pants are tight.

Everyone would commit to try to post daily. We would post what we are eating. We would post our daily and weekly goals. You can use whatever plan you want. If you are counting points, you say you goal and where you are. If you are counting calories, same deal. If you want to post a food journal, that is fine too. It is about being accountability for what you are putting in your mouth. We would post about the exercise we are or are not getting.

We could post about our food demons and lament together. We could celebrate together. We could share the journey together. I have goals in my head that I need to put on paper and be held accountable to.

I want to be twenty pounds thinner this summer. What about you?