Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fit people scare me

I was out running toight. I always run in our neck of the woods, but tonight I decided to run on the local rec path to test my legs on a difference course. I started off at the gardens and headed out. I only ran to the bridge and I was just too creeped out by the guy who had set his pace right behind me.

I am not good alone. I am not good in unknown situations, so I chickened out and turned around. I ran past my starting point and headed down the path toward the Y. As I neared the Y, I was even more frightened. The creepy people didn't scare me, but the blonde with legs that were up to my chin ran past me like I was running backwards. I was scared by the pair of Mexican jogging men who were pushing their mile to some insane target. The bikers with helmets and spandex who look way to intimidating as their barrel down on you. It terrified me.

It was way more intimidating to be out of tht path near the Y than to be at the waterpark in a swimsuit. I felt like everyone was looking at the fat chick try to run. They scrutinized my clothes and my shoes and could tell I wasn't a "Real" runner.

I don't know that I will ever fit in.